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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boyd Lee Dunlop, jazz pianist in Buffalo, NY, reawakens musical talent in his 80s

Referred to this story by John Q. Thanks!

From New York Times 12/09/11: Watch New York Times video of story

For years, the donated piano sat upright and unused in a corner of the nursing home’s cafeteria. Now and then someone would wheel or wobble over to pound out broken notes on the broken keys, but those out-of-tune interludes were rare. Day after surrendering day, the flawed piano remained mercifully silent.

Then came a new resident, a musician in his 80s with a touch of forgetfulness named Boyd Lee Dunlop, and he could play a little. Actually, he could play a lot, his bony fingers dancing the mad dance of improvised jazz in a way that evoked a long life’s all.

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