Thursday, April 21, 2011

Public hearing on sewer fee, next Wednesday, April 27, 7:00 PM at Brockport Central A.D. Oliver Middle School auditorium

Public Hearing for a Local Law  on implementing a sewer fee

The 7:00 PM, Wednesday, April 27, 2011 meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Brockport will be at the A.D. Oliver Middle Scholl Auditorium, 40 Allen Street in Brockport and will include a Public Hearing on the following proposed Local Law: A Local Law Modifying Chapter 42 of the Code of the Village of Brockport Titled "Sewers" - by the addition of Article I-A ~ sewer rental fee. The text of these proposed Village Code changes is on file in the Office of the Village Clerk and may be inspected during normal business hours or view here.


  1. Come and watch Norm Giancursio loose it like he did at the last public hearing. Watch the slumlords have a stroke as they have to finally ante up and pay their fair share. It should be a good show. Better than Jerry Springer or the World Wide Wrestling events. Hopefully the cops will be there to keep order.

  2. In your zeal to punish landlords, you're punishing others. Like the parapalegic veteran who is wholly exempt from property taxes but will have to pay this sewer fee. Guess you don't think he's contributed enough.
    How about our elderly, disabled and low income who receive significant reductions in their assessments? Many pay very little property tax. But they'll have to pay the sewer fee.
    How about Lakeside Health System? Struggling to maintain a vital service in our community - let's hit them with an $11K sewer bill.
    How about Lifetime Assistance - commenters here have criticized them as free-loaders, but they provide a crucial service to our most vulnerable citizens.
    In war they call this collateral damage. We can do better than this. If this site is really about creating a Beloved Community, than you better rethink what the sewer fee means to those who can't easily advocate for themselves.

  3. How is paying one's own way "being punished"? Why should village tax payers continue to pay Lakeside's $11K sewer bill? Should village taxpayers really have to subsidize health care costs as you are proposing? Lifetime Assistance currently has to pay it's own light bill, heating bill, telephone bill and grocery bill. Why shouldn't it also pay it's own sewer bill? Should we continue to "punish" the landlords by making them pay their own grocery bills at Wegmans? Or should we instead punish village taxpayers by making them pay for the landlord's groceries, as we now punish them by making them pay for the landlord's sewer bills? People, including freeloading landlords, should pay their own damned way. If you poop you should pay. Why should someone else have to pay for you? Poop on your own dime!!!

  4. You poop, you pay
    It's the fairest way.

  5. We can pay for sewers through property taxes or through sewer fees. Paying through sewer fees is much more efficient, effective, and fair.

    You pay for what you use. This is not "punishment" this is accoutability and taking responsibility.

  6. Pittsford Patty4/22/11, 8:04 AM

    How about some accountability on how people keep their homes. I'm am growing tired of looking at run down homes. (single & rental alike) Seems the code is there, but we'd all like to think about how great it would be to generate $125k, a drop in the bucket. Drive by Mangan's Utica St. and check out the disgrace. I'm all for a sewer tax, hell I'll just start writing checks, but seriously why can't people rake, clean gutters, paint, fix water damage etc. Tom take some time off and dedicate it to your property. Have some pride, like your articles encourage all of us to do.

  7. Trying to discredit Tom Managan's ideas about reforming village governance by childish and petty nit picking about the appearance of his residence or his teeth, or alleging wrong-doing by members of the police department with libelous comments to newspapers and blogs is reprehensible conduct excusable when done by 11-year-olds, but not when perpetrated by adults. Assuming you are an adult. You certainly do not behave like one. If it were my blog, I'd trace your IP address and track you down. You deserve to be exposed.

  8. I'm going to start pooping in the street.....
    NO SEWER TAX FOR ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. YES, on sewer fee.

  10. Kevin McCarthy4/22/11, 2:45 PM

    I am a landlord and single home owner in Brockport. I am for the sewer fee to help keep our taxes lower and set aside monies for sewer repairs or improvement. It is not fair that single home owners subsidize the sewer system while multi family homes or tax free establishments pay less than or nothing at all. It will be charged by usage not home value or assessment. This will benefit our tax bill along with being pro-active for sewer repair.

  11. My friend Fran Welch on Fayette Street doesn't have a car, but he has to pay property tax to maintain the streets. I don't have a dog, but I have to pay property tax to pay the dog warden. I've never committed a crime, nor have I ever called the police to my home, but I have to pay property tax to pay the police salaries (village, county and state). I don't use the village parks (tennis courts or playground equipment) but I have to pay property taxes to fund those facilities.
    The whole premise of property taxes is that everyone in the community contributes whether you use the service or not because it makes the community as a whole better. I can't think of any more worthy item to pay for as a community than sewer - it's a public health issue. I'd much rather pay property taxes for a well-maintained sewer system that ALL of us use than tennis courts and playgrounds that only a FEW of us use.